Burrington Estates prides itself on its high standards of product and the professional service we provide to customers.  In some cases, despite our care and attention to detail, we appreciate that there may be instances where we have been unable to meet expectations.

In the first instance we hope issues can be resolved informally through our Customer Care team. They understand Burrington Estates' commitment customer service and will work hard to sort out any problems our customers may have.

We use a system called ClixiFix to manage snags and issues with new homes. Owners will be invited to join ClixiFix and we strongly encourage them to use this service to help us resolve routine snags and build issues.

Alternatively, our customer care team can be contacted by email at: customerservices@burringtonestates.com

If sending an email, customers should provide enough detail to help us understand their issue (including their name, address and phone number as well as details of their specific issue). Our customer care team will be in touch within two working days to explain how we will manage an issue.

Formal Complaints

If a customer is not satisfied that our Customer Care process has resolved or properly dealt with their issue then they have the option to make a formal complaint. You can read about our Formal Complaints process here. 

Burrington Estates also fully support the introduction of an Industry Ombudsman and will register on the scheme once it becomes available.


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