We’ve come up with 8 easy steps that can be taken in order to help you enjoy the time you spend at home this summer.

The new season is just around the corner, so why not get started today?


1. Let the fresh air in!

Now that its getting warmer, it’s time to open the windows and air out your rooms that have long been stifled by central heating! It’s amazing how much better and fresher your home can smell, when you air it out regularly.

2. Indoor Mould

In the warmer months, mould can be a potential issue! So we recommend that a large part of your summer indoor cleaning is dedicated to preventing the appearance of mould in your home.

a) In the Kitchen

Kitchen appliances can be a big problem area! During the summer, don’t forget to always keep the dishwasher and washing machine door closed. If you do forget, and can start to smell mould, we recommend that you run an empty cycle, with hot water and vinegar. This will help prevent mould from reappearing.

b) In the Bathroom 

The bathroom is also a major mould target! When showering, and for 10 minutes after, always run the bathroom fan. If you don’t have a ventilation system, opening the window and leaving the curtain or bathroom door open will help. Mirrors and tiles can also get dirty more easily in the summer, and be a victim of mould! Remove it by simply wiping a solution of vinegar and cold water on them. After cleaning, do not rinse the solution, but leave the bathroom door open to air the area.

3. Get the bugs out!

Leaving the windows open in summer means pollen and bugs are a potential problem. Help keep them at bay by installing filter screens/blinds on your windows.

Also, don’t forget to ensure that everything is sealed properly! Fix drafts or gaps, and the sealing around the doors and window. Spraying your outdoor perimeter, baseboards, doors, windows and sinks with pesticide can also help!

4. Prevent Wardrobe Humidity

Humidity and clothes are not a good combination. Prevent mould in your wardrobe by regularly airing your clothes or placing 1 or 2 silica gel packets on each wardrobe shelf. Alternatively, placing a few pieces of chalk in the wardrobe can be an effective solution.

5. Wash the windows!

Winter weather can leave a residue of salt, dirt and grime on your windows. To let the sunshine in, clean the windows, both inside and outside! You will really notice the difference! Simply fill a spray bottle with a white vinegar and water solution, spray it onto your windows, and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. You can remove any salt with a plastic bristle brush, and we recommend that you tackle any remaining dirt with a traditional window cleaner.

6. Keep bins clean and odour-free!

Higher summer temperatures can result in food residues going bad very quickly! To prevent the smell of rotting food when changing the bin bag, rinse the bin with a water and vinegar solution then dry it well. Baking soda can also be sprinkled onto the bottom of the bin to prevent odours.

7. Flip your mattress! 

Did you know that most mattresses today have both a winter and a summer side? If yours is one of them, now’s the time to flip it! The material on each is designed for different temperatures.

Summer is also a good time to clean your mattress – with warmer temperatures and everything drying more quickly. This can eliminate risk of dust or mould on the mattress fabric. Mattress toppers also help eliminate this.

8. Spruce up the garden for summer!

A simple tidy up and cutting the grass can do wonders for your garden! Planting a few flowers or putting out a few flower pots definitely brightens up the outside area. Take time to clean any decking or patio, and start bringing out the garden furniture.

Follow these tips and be well on your way to a summer ready home!