Local property developer pledges to reduce environmental impact

Following the recent declaration of a UK climate emergency, leading South West-based housebuilder, Burrington Estates New Homes, has announced the launch of its Environmental Charter, which sees five key improvements to its existing environmental policy.

The charter details the property developers commitment to introducing initiatives across all strands of the business, both internally and with its wider supply chain, to improve eco credentials wherever possible. Encompassing both smaller and more complex changes, the developer states everyone involved with and associated to its business has a means of positively contributing.

Colin Palmer, Managing Director at Burrington Estates New Homes, comments: “From banning plastic cups and issuing the team with reusable drink bottles to cycling to work, all of the small changes help.”

As well as the smaller changes, the award winning housebuilder, which has projects in Devon, Cornwall and Dorset, also aims to achieve a Biodiversity Net Gain on all of its developments by leaving sites more biodiverse than before work began. The developer will also use 100% renewable green energy at its sites and sales offices with solar lighting used wherever possible.

Colin explains: “We will increase the use of hedges and fencing as opposed to brick and rendered walls. This will help improve the wildlife population and allows animals, such as the declining hedgehog population, to roam more freely for food and create nests. Landscaped gardens will now include more pollinating flowers and shrubs and BeeBricks will be incorporated on every development to encourage the local bee population.”

Local communities will also see a direct improvement in their environment as the charter details how Burrington Estates New Homes will support or instigate at least one environmental activity per development, a campaign which has been trialled at The Quarters in Plymouth with the introduction of the Burrington Butterfly Garden at their show home.

As with all property developments, a number of local suppliers will be used to deliver and build the new homes, using local suppliers and depots will reduce CO2 emissions from long-range travel and transportation of materials to site.

Following the charter, the developer promises to lobby for reduced plastic use within their supply chain and the developer has also vowed to ensure only sustainable timbers are used in the production process. All new homes will have a 100% green energy supply as well as a number of provisions and optional upgrades, like Solar PV, electric car charging points and water butts to help reuse rain water.

Colin adds: “We have an incredible opportunity to enact change within the industry and the announcement of our charter is just the beginning. Each and every one of us at Burrington Estates New Homes has made the commitment to reducing our environmental impact and we hope to encourage all of our homeowners to adopt a more green approach too.”

In each department, a member of staff has been nominated as the Environmental Champion to implement, monitor, and improve the aims of the charter over the coming months.

"We will begin building on the charter and implementing the aims across all of our sites, and incorporating plans for future developments, Burrington Estates are wholly committed to supporting our environment and ensuring our company is at the forefront of change within property development.”