Thrive Hubs

We believe that running a business should be exciting and invigorating. That’s why we created the Thrive Group, to give entrepreneurs and businesses the support they need to take their business to new heights.

Because people are so important to the success of a business we’ve focused on making each Thrive Hub a place where collaboration and networking are inevitable instead of an effort. But Thrive Hubs is about more than space to get things done. We also want to foster business growth, which is why we provide a comprehensive selection of business services and technology solutions. Business owners can concentrate on the important things while we handle those daily tasks that can suck up too much time.

Leave the chaos of the coffee shop and the isolation of the spare room behind. Together we can redefine work. Together we can thrive.

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Our Thrive Hubs

Ocean Crescent Plymouth

Situated in the city centre, Ocean Crescent offers a unique co-working space right in the heart of Plymouth. Award-winning restaurants at the nearby Barbican make business lunches a tasty proposition, and shops and other services are right where you need them.

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