Summer is here which means ice-creams, lighter evenings and the flowering of plants, but most importantly…the transformation of nature.

Summer is here which means ice-creams, lighter evenings and the flowering of plants, but most importantly…the transformation of nature.

After hibernating during the winter, bees awaken in time to collect pollen and nectar from their preferred plants. Bees are excellent pollinators, as well as bees, we rely heavily on insect pollinators, such as, butterflies, wasps, moths, flies and even birds.

How does pollination happen?

When a pollinator lands on a flower, some of the pollen rubs off on its body, then when it visits the next plant, it transfers that pollen so pollination can happen.

A flowering plant has to be fertilised with pollen before it can make seeds and produce another plant. If this didn’t happen, we would run out of plants and food.

In our show home gardens, we encourage pollinators by planting flowers rich in nectar and pollen, why don’t you do the same?!  We need to look after our brilliant bugs and insects and we can all do our bit to  help them.

Why not plant flowers rich in nectar, such as lavender and bluebells, which will help bees find the food they need?

Also, be sure to choose local British honey, too, which will support our Honey bees and their beekeepers!

Village life, countryside, seven miles from Exeter, what’s not to love about Rockbeare?

Village life, countryside, seven miles from Exeter, what’s not to love about Rockbeare?

Set on the brink of East Devon, an area of outstanding natural beauty, Rockbeare is the perfect place to call home. If you’re yearning for a village lifestyle within easy reach of a city – Rockbeare is set just 7 miles from the ancient capital city of Exeter.  From the last Census, the population of Rockbeare reached a community of 914, the quiet and quaint village is three miles from Exeter airport with airlines offering domestic and international flights.

The new town of Cranbrook boasts a train station which is just an 8-minute drive from Rockbeare, offering a direct line into Exeter St David’s, from there you will find direct links to London, Birmingham and Bristol.

Rockbeare has a Church of England primary school and pre-school which follows the ethos of “Empowering every individual as they learn and grow through God’s love”

‘Rockbeare is a small school with big ambitions. We want our pupils to achieve highly whilst thoroughly enjoying and being enthusiastic about their learning. The staff are committed, hardworking, friendly and fun!’ Rockbeare Church of England primary school

The lottery funded, village hall has been at the heart of the village for nearing 100 years, offering events for the local community such as yoga classes, dance classes, baby groups, quiz nights, coffee mornings, wine tasting evenings and more.

The award – winning Jack and The Green pub and restaurant is nearby offering a locally sourced, modern European menu and fine ales.

The Grove at Rockbeare is an exclusive development of only five individually designed homes with elegance and comfort at the forefront of its design.

Find your reason to call Rockbeare your home.

For more information on The Grove, an exclusive collection of four and five bedroom new homes please email and call 01404 232244

World Environment Day

World Environment Day

Tomorrow is World Environment Day. This iconic day is ran by the United Nations with the aim to raise awareness of the environment and specific environmental issues. Take action by following these simple steps recommended by ‘Organic News and Environment’


The Environmental Working Group found that red meat is responsible for 10 to 40 times as many greenhouse emissions as common vegetables and grains. If the grain fed to livestock were fed to people, we could feed 800 million people.


Vehicles are the biggest compromise to our air. Where possible try walking, running, cycling or take public transit more often.


65% of what we use is in the bathroom, with this in mind, have shorter showers and buy an energy efficient shower head. Don’t leave the tap running when you’re brushing your teeth…It all helps.


Think about going paperless – bank statements, paper towels, junk mail you haven’t opted out of. There are many areas where each of us can help to lessen paper production.


Landfills are overfilling with water bottles alone. It is also estimated that 3 litres of water is used to package 1 litre of bottled water.


From kitchen scraps that can be used to make stocks to items that can be recycled, see how many times things can be reused or repurposed rather than simply thrown away.


Before venturing out on your next shopping trip, make sure you’ve some reusable shopping bags with you. Plastic bags are a huge threat to marine life, and they’re an inconvenience to the environment.


Buying throwaway fashion is detrimental for the environment – 1 kg of fabric generates 23 kg of greenhouse gases! Start thinking about keeping what you own and become more discerning

Celebrating World Environment Day on 5th June 2019


Ready, Steady, Grow

Ready, Steady, Grow

May has sprung upon us, the days are getting longer and warmer which means that Summer is on its way and it’s time to tidy up spring plants, plant out summer flowers and get planning for autumn. It’s also a great time to plant herbs, as plants will establish quickly in warm soil, just remember to keep them watered if the weather turns dry.

With National Gardening Week behind us, our gardens should be a canvas of colour, you don’t need to be an expert in gardening, Charlie Dimmock and Alan Titchmarsh had to start somewhere!

May is the perfect sowing month, plants will be growing strongly in the higher temperatures and you will also be able to watch the bees, birds and butterflies in your organic pot.  Why not take part in The Big Butterfly Count? Sit in your garden or the park for 15 minutes and see how many butterflies you see! Register your results here;

What to plant in May outdoors

Direct sow sunflowers

Direct sow poppies

Direct sow Limnanthes to bring insects into your garden and vegetable pot


What to plant in May indoors


Sweet William in seed trays


Herbs and vegetables


Sow basil

Sow cucumber

Sow perennial herbs

Happy gardening!

Burrington Estates New Homes Confirms Help to Buy Scheme Across All Sites for 2019

Burrington Estates New Homes Confirms Help to Buy Scheme Across All Sites for 2019

Recent budget plans have been highlighted in the media, revealing that the Help to Buy equity loan scheme will be succeeded in 2021 by a new first-time buyer only, Help to Buy scheme which will run for two years.

Burrington Estates New Homes welcomes the Help to Buy Extension, offering the scheme available on all sites throughout 2019. The Government funded scheme allows you to buy a brand-new home up to the value of £600,000 (in England) with just a 5% deposit and a 75% mortgage up until 2021, this will then be superseded by the new scheme for first time buyers only on new homes up to the value of £349,000 in the South West.

The current scheme is available to first time buyers and existing home owners that wish to purchase a new build property.  The Government will provide an equity loan of up to 20% of the value of the property, and it is interest free for the first five years, it can then be repaid at any time within 25 years (or the term of the mortgage) or on the sale of the property.

With Help to Buy being available across all of our developments in 2019, you could be one step closer to owning your Burrington Estates dream home. Find out more today.

For more information, please visit:

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August Budget 2018: Extension of Help to Buy

August Budget 2018: Extension of Help to Buy

Last week, Chancellor Philip Hammond disclosed his 2018 Budget, revealing that the Help to Buy equity loan scheme will be succeeded in 2021 by a new first-time buyer Help to Buy scheme which will run for two years.

The Government has stated that the future scheme is targeted at those most in need and will be for first time buyers only – but no changes to eligibility for the existing scheme are intended to take place before 2021.

Burrington Estates New Homes welcomes the Help to Buy Extension. The new scheme enables first time buyers to purchase a new build property up to the value of £349,000 (in the South West) with as little as a 5% deposit and a 75% mortgage.

The positive news underlines Burrington Estates New Homes’ confidence in the housing market in the South West, where five developments are currently live, offering a range of new homes suitable for first time buyers, with a further six developments programmed to meet the demand of the housing market.

Managing Director, Colin Palmer says; “With our current live and upcoming new home developments, we are able to satisfy the growing demand for new homes across the South West. The extension of Help to Buy gives potential first time buyers the peace of mind that they too can benefit from the scheme over the coming years.”

For more information on the Help to Buy scheme, please visit our website:

To find out more on our new homes developments visit the new homes page on our website.