Externally – To The Communities in which We Develop

As a leading property developer involved in restoration, new-build construction, and regeneration of the communities in which we are developing, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is very important to us. A major element of our company ethos is to breath new life into the communities in which we develop, so we are very conscious of the impact our work has on the people, infrastructure, eco-systems, and the general environment at each site.

Primary among our CSR principles is that of sustainability and environmental awareness, and we ensure that all our schemes adhere to these. We only build our schemes in locations where we know we can make a positive impact on the community, often transforming buildings, and locations so that, once again, they will become important contributors to the area’s economy.

Internally – To our Staff

We are also very committed to the CSR of our staff, and have set up a comprehensive Health and Wellbeing Programme for all staff members. Encompassing all elements necessary for a healthy life including nutrition, exercise, drinking more water and coping with stress.

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Our philosophy

We are committed to: Outstanding customer service; desirable locations; innovative developments, and; attention to detail.

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Our History

What started as a meeting in the South of France between our founders Mark Edworthy and Paul Scantlebury, has led to us becoming one of the most prestigious property developers in the South West of England.

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Our awards

We are proud of the awards we have won, which reflect our constant focus on quality, outstanding customer service and innovation.

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Discover why everyone loves their Burrington Estate home

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Our ethos is to create value in all our projects through collaboration. We work as a trusted partner with equity investors, and our extensive track record, and specific, highly relevant experience in maximising the commercial value from market-leading developments, has delivered a consistently strong return for our investors.

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Customer Journey

We have outlined the key stages when buying your new home with Burrington Estates. These stages are in place to ensure that you receive a first-class buying experience from the first enquiry to long-lasting aftercare.

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We don’t just build homes. We create communities. Places where you and your family will feel welcome and safe. We do this by ensuring you and your new neighbours are delighted with our service and surroundings.

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Environmental Charter

Our charter targets five key areas where improvement and commitment can be made. including our people & office environments, our developments, our new homes, our supply chain & our communities.

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We have positions for ambitious and driven team players. Join Burrington Estates and take advantage of great opportunities for professional growth.

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Land Required

Burrington Estates is always on the lookout for good quality land. Ideally allocated for residential development or with an outline planning permission for a minimum of 30 dwellings.

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Our Team

Our team of experienced property professionals has an amazing track record in building beautifully designed, high specification new homes and properties that harmonise with their location.

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Browse our portfolio showcasing some of our superb locations, stunning interiors and contemporary design.

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