Whether to buy a home new or old can be a difficult decision. Although we love older buildings, which can bring a wonderful ‘character’ and ‘charm’ to a home, new builds offer numerous advantage. These are in areas such as safety, design and comfort which can really make a difference to your living experience. Take a look at the list of benefits we’ve come up with…


  1. Little Maintenance Required: Most new homes are fitted with high-specification, modern materials and features. New builds must also meet the latest building regulations, and have the most current heating systems and insulations. This advantage means that you can enjoy settling into your new home upon moving in, rather than face maintenance and DIY expenses, which can come with an existing home.
  2. Personalisation: Fit your brand new home according to your taste! In many new home developments you are free to make several options and colour choices*. These are usually for features such as kitchen worktops and flooring. In a new home, you’re also able to freely decorate the home according to your preferences. This is not always as easy to do with an older property, which will be decorated to the previous occupants taste.
  3. Specification: New homes are generally to a higher specification, most come with a fitted kitchen and integrated appliances as standard.
  4. The Emotional Benefit: There’s nothing quite like owning something that’s brand new, really making it your own.
  5. No Chain Involved: There is no moving chain involved in a new home purchase, which could affect the completion date of the property purchase. This can remove some of the stress which can come with buying a second hand property.
  6. Safety: New homes are built to the latest safety standards using fire-resistant materials and linked smoke alarms. Certain rooms are required to have accessible opening windows, large enough to allow for exit in the event of a fire. 
  7. Be Part of an Emerging Community: New home developments offer an emerging community of others, within which you can make new friends. 
  8. Greater Energy Efficiency: New homes are said to be six times more energy efficient than existing homes, generating approximately 60% less CO2 emissions per household. Consequently, an energy-efficient new home, can save you hundreds of pounds every year on energy bills!
  9. New Homes Warranty: Buying a new home will come with a warranty. Burrington Estates new homes have a 10-year warranty certificate upon completion, issued by the National House Building Council (NHBC), the leading home warranty, insurance provider and standards-setter for UK house-building.

At Burrington Estates, we ensure that you will find these benefits and more in our new homes.

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*Options and Colour Choices are dependent on build stage