Autumn is now upon us… bringing cooler temperatures and unpredictable weather… which can affect you and your home. Why not take a couple of these small measures to make your home fully prepared for what the colder seasons bring?


  1. Check the water drainage. Clogged gutters can lead to ice dams, which aren’t always cheap to repair. Try to ensure that rainwater downspouts and gutters are fully clear of any obstructions. Also, if gutters or downspouts show any damage, replace them.


  1. Be prepared for power outages. In some areas, power outages can be a regular occurrence. So why not prepare now? It can be sensible to buy an emergency generator, or if you already have one, take a look to see if it’s still functioning properly.


  1. Fertilize the garden lawn. Using lawn fertilizer can help prevent water damage and weeds coming up in the spring. For advice about what fertiliser type is best, and when it should be used, check out your local garden centre.


  1. Check the heating. Make sure the heating vents in your home aren’t blocked in any way. Also ensure that the filters are clean and dust all of the vents.


  1. Make the water heater autumn & winter ready. Drain the water heater and remove any debris in the tank.


  1. Test all home safety devices. As you’ll know, autumn’s the time of year when the heating rises and the fireplace gets going. So replacing the batteries in carbon monoxide devices and smoke detectors is sensible. Also, make sure they’re fully functioning!


  1. Check that your doors and windows aren’t causing any drafts or leaks. You can either inspect this yourself, or get a professional to do the job.