Informal show around at The Ship

Yesterday we held a very informal sneaky peak of The Ship building to gauge reaction from local stakeholders.

Here are a few of the comments from the day:

“It’s really great to see the building come back into life, having being saved from being demolished. It was a really vibrant building when it was occupied previously, so to have all of the activities and different branches that Mark is hoping to have under one roof would be good for the building but also for the city and for the area as a whole. There is a lot of development happening in the northern side of the city and goes in line with what we as the Chamber hope to happen – and if we can get all of the different businesses under one roof then that would be excellent.
The people that we have spoken to quite a few Chamber members already and they are all quite excited as nobody wanted to see the building be flattened and I think generally, everyone will be very supportive.”
Verity French, Membership Manager, Plymouth & Devon Chamber.

“I think the building is fantastic, I think it’s great that it is being saved from demolition and I think it will be a great home to lots of different businesses, particularly if it has great connectivity. It will be a great hub for digital businesses that might find it difficult to get that level of connectivity elsewhere.”
Sheldon Ryan, Plymouth City Council Economic Development Team.

MAY 2015